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Guru NFTs are a premier collection of NFTs built directly on Bitcoin Cash mainchain. They are an exciting and integral component of the BCH Guru Price Prediction Game ecosystem.

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BCH Guru Beta is out 5th January 2024!

Guru Labs are excited to announce the provisional public launch date of the BCH Guru Crypto Price Prediction Application on 5th January 2024.

BCH Guru launches with three crypto assets available to predict prices (BCH, BTC, ETH) and is limited to Furu Token stakes only. It also has a host of other exciting features, including the ability to integrate your chosen BCH Guru NFT avatar and set your Guru nickname!

Meet the Gurus!

Crypto enthusiasts love to predict coin prices, with everyone from influencers to moon-boys making their own guesses. The exciting new BCH Guru Peer to Peer Price Prediction Game lets these gurus make on-chain price predictions and stake their Bitcoin Cash to back their call. The guru with the closest prediction wins both the prize and bragging rights.

The BCH Gurus are a pioneering cashtokens NFT collection on Bitcoin Cash, designed to integrate with the BCH Guru Game ecosystem. So come on, join in and see if you have what it takes to become a BCH guru!

Crypto Gurus and Furus

A "guru" is a respected and knowledgeable teacher/mentor in various cultures, but in cryptocurrency, it refers to someone skilled at accurate price predictions and understanding of the technology. False predictors or fakers are called "furus" and have poor credibility.

BCH Guru art represents inclusivity of all crypto enthusiasts. The character holds a crystal ball filled with various prominent crypto projects, suggesting their ability to see the future of the crypto space, whilst being present in many various worldly or out of this world places!

Why collect and hold BCH Guru tokens?

  • 01

    Premier collection on BCH Cashtokens

    Cashtokens on the Bitcoin Cash network catapults Bitcoin Cash into possibly the most powerful and dynamic UTXO blockchain in the world. BCH Guru and its NFT tokens aim to be a leader in this exciting new crypto ecosystem. Be the first adopter!

  • 02

    Connected to BCH Guru Ecosystem - FURU Airdops and Dividends

    The BCH Guru NFTs will be integrated into the upcoming BCH Guru Price Prediction Game. The first use-case is exclusive FURU token airdrops to Guru NFT holders, the second use-case is dividend payouts of 2% of the BCH GURU prediction platform's BCH volume.

  • 03

    Permanent and provable fixed supply

    10,000 BCH Gurus will be minted, no more, no less. This will be provable as the minting token to create the collection of 10,000 NFTs will be burnt when the mint is completed.

  • 04

    Multiple communities

    The BCH Guru aims to be inclusive of many tokens and crypto communities. The wise guru knows crypto can be quite tribalistic, but all token holders love to predict price. The BCH Guru game server aims to grow and include many diverse crypto communities all wishing to use the Guru smart contract to predict the price of their favourite coins and tokens!

How to purchase and collect BCH Guru Cashtokens

Step 1: Get a CashTokens SUPPORTING Wallet and CashTokens Receiving address

Currently, there are four Bitcoin Cash wallets that are able to receive CashTokens: Cashonize, Zapit, Electron Cash and Paytaca. Simply set up a wallet of your choosing!

Step 2: Go to the purchase page, ensure you put your Cashtokens address in the receiving address field

Thereafter, select your chosen number of gurus, and follow the payment instructions. You can pay from any Bitcoin Cash wallet, but DO NOT pay from an exchange.

Step 3: After payment, your CashTokens will arrive immediately to your chosen receiving address

Your new BCH Gurus will also be displayed in the transaction confirmation page and you will be able to review the details of each guru.

Step 4: Enjoy the BCH Guru ecosystem!

You'll be able to view your collection in our awesome Guru collection viewer, check your Guru Leaderboard position, study Guru & Furu Science, including on-chain metrics, market data and trait analysis. You can trade your tokens on TapSwap, or just HODL your collection to qualify for the Furu token airdrop, and start making price calls!

Full schedule of BCH Guru CashToken release

Gurus releasedDatePrice
First wave: 2000June 01, 20230.10 BCH
Second wave: 2000August 01 20230.12 BCH
1st snapshot for FURU Tokens: November 02 2023
Third wave: 2000January 25 20240.14 BCH
Fourth wave: 2000TBA0.16 BCH
Fifth (final) wave: 2000TBA0.18 BCH
2nd (final) snapshot for FURU Tokens

The Artwork Of The Gurus

The BCH Guru collection is set apart from other NFT collections in originality and authenticity of the artwork. The artwork has been designed to a high-standard, imbibing each Guru with a joyous character but also a sense of wonder. The collection of gurus is a must-have for anyone who seeks to gain insight and understanding into the mysteries of the crypto universe.

Furthermore, the Guru collection follows industry standards in relation to NFTs, ensuring that each guru is a one-of-a-kind, verifiable asset that can be securely bought, sold, and traded. The NFTs follow the Bitcoin Cash Metadata Registry (BCMR) standard with the metadata itself stored on IPFS and linked to on-chain from the token genesis.

BCH Guru Roadmap

  • 1 May 2023

    BCH Guru Concept Public Release

    Welcome to the BCH Guru project - a unique, permissionless peer to peer price prediction game for cryptocurrencies, and an associated Guru NFT series, powered by CashTokens on Bitcoin Cash!

  • May 15, 2023

    CashTokens upgrade on the Bitcoin Cash Network

    The CashToken upgrade goes live on Bitcoin Cash mainchain on 15th May 2023 - and a new frontier of decentralised finance opens up with a UTXO blockchain.

  • June 1, 2023

    First wave release of BCH Guru NFTs

    The first official sale of BCH Guru NFTs starts, with the first 2000 becoming publicly available to collect.

  • Q3, 2023

    Guru prediction smart contract integrated into a webwallet

    Fully working demo of entering a guru prediction contract with a smart contract wallet. The prediction contract will have an automated payout to the closest prediction, using as the price source.

  • November 1, 2023

    First FURU token snapshot

    After the second and third NFT waves have been released, a snapshot will take place to determine who will be elegible for the first FURU token airdrop.

  • Q1 2024

    Beta Release BCH Guru Price Game (with FURU tokens)

    The Beta release of the BCH Guru prediction application, available to play with the FURU tokens, was scheduled for the last quarter of 2023, but now releases in the first week of Q1, 2024!

  • Q1 2024

    Community dashboard

    Integration of statistics and leaderboards for the community of BCH Guru players! Now we can see who the real gurus and furus are!

  • 2024

    Second Snapshot

    After all the BCH Guru NFT waves have been released, a final snapshot will take place to determine who will be elegible for the last FURU token airdrop.

  • 2024

    Production Release BCH Guru Price Game (with Bitcoin Cash and FURU tokens)

    The production release of the BCH Guru prediction application, available to play with either Bitcoin Cash or the FURU tokens, is scheduled for 2024, pending a successful beta period.


What are CashTokens?

CashTokens are the built-in token system of the global, decentralized Bitcoin Cash network. CashTokens are compatible across a growing number of wallets, services, companies, tools, and protocols. CashTokens are digital assets created directly on the Bitcoin Cash network. Their transactions are highly-efficient and validated in parallel, so transaction fees are less than $0.01, even during periods of high network usage. CashTokens launched on Bitcoin Cash mainchain on 15th May 2023. For further information, click here.

Can you explain the BCH Guru game in more details?

The BCH Guru Game is a price prediction game built on mainchain Bitcoin Cash through a peer-to-peer smart contract. As such, it is a permissionless, non-custodial game that allows users to predict the future prices of any number of assets, and stake their Bitcoin Cash on-chain to back their call. Another user may choose to match their call with a prediction of their own, and through the prices oracles on, the contract will settle with a payout to the winner with the closest price at the time of the price prediction.

How will the Guru NFTs fit into the upcoming BCH Guru ecosystem?

The BCH Guru NFTs are first and foremost, collectable and tradeable computer randomized digital artworks. However, BCH Guru NFTs will be integrated as a key part into the prediction game. The first use-case of the BCH Guru NFTs is that they are airdropped FURU tokens, which are used as free-play token on the BCH GURU prediction platform and which will be exclusively during the beta period. The second integration is dividend payouts of 2% of the BCH GURU prediction platform's BCH volume (this does not include FURU token gameplay). Thirdly, your BCH Guru NFT can be used as your gameplay avatar within the price prediction application itself!

What are FURU tokens?

You can read about the FURU tokens and FURUnomics here.

Why should I join this NFT community?

CashTokens is a ground breaking technological upgrade on Bitcoin Cash and empowers a whole new frontier of development in cryptocurrency. The UTXO system that Bitcoin Cash works on has many advantages compared to more established de-fi ecosystems. BCH Gurus are the premier NFT project, and smart contract gaming system utilising CashTokens, and so you are joining a new adventure in cryptocurrency history! Furthermore, the BCH Guru game is built around not just Bitcoin Cash but a whole inclusive cryptocurrency fanbase! It's just a hip place to be!

What are the traits for the BCH Gurus?

The Guru traits include backgrounds, skin tones, eyes, mouths, jewelry, clothes, hats, crystal balls, song lyrics (from the BCH Guru's first two song releases) and cryptocurrency assets.

Which crypto assets are included in the Guru artwork?

In this series, 12 cryptocurrency assets are included: Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Binance (BNB), Litecoin (LTC), Cardano (ADA), Solana (SOL), Avalanche (AVAX), Dogecoin (DOGE), Shiba Inu (SHIB), XRP, and Monero (XMR). Approximately 80% of Gurus will be holding a Bitcoin Cash crystal ball, and the remaining 20% split between the other 11 assets. This means that non-BCH assets will be rare, making up approximately 1.8-2.0% of the Gurus each.

How many Gurus have been minted?

Exactly 10,000 BCH Gurus have been minted, no more, no less. Each Guru has a unique identifier and associated computer randomized traits, making each guru one-of-a-kind. The minting token that created the BCH Gurus has already been burnt, proving on-chain, that no more than the original 10,000 BCH Gurus will ever exist on the Bitcoin Cash mainchain network in this series.

Who are the developers of BCH Guru?

BCH Guru has been founded by a dynamic team of individuals who share a deep passion for Bitcoin Cash and boast an extensive background in creating high-quality crypto products with a creative flair. The Guru team has come together with a shared sense of purpose - to unleash the full potential of CashTokens technology on Bitcoin Cash mainchain and drive it towards unprecedented success. They are excited to be at the forefront of this innovation, harnessing the new CashTokens features and leveraging their own extensive expertise to start building out the ecosystem.

The team has taken a conscious decision to remain anonymous for a number of professional and private reasons. However, the BCH Guru founders are strong believers in "don't trust - verify". For the NFT sale, this means that all NFT purchased from the minting address will be traceable on-chain. Furthermore, all future smart contract work associated with BCH Guru will be open-source.

Who will provide the price oracles for the BCH Guru prediction game?

We plan to use run currently by General Protocols, as they are an established player in BCH and are a neutral external party to provide this service. Beyond their current oracles, we are in discussion to provide price feeds for a number of other cryptocurrency assets that are planned to be part of the price prediction game. Further details will be released as the project develops.

How can I review my BCH Guru collection?

The CashToken ecosystem is still developing rapidly however most CashTokens-compatible wallets already allow you to see your BCH Gurus right from inside the wallet. Additionally you can also use the built-in collection viewer which showcases different stats about your collection and calculates your FURU multiplier. Lastly, there is also the Sploit's NFT Viewer and the SalemKode Blockexplorer , which can display BCH Guru NFTs on a specific CashToken address.

Will you reveal the entire 10k collection and rarity traits?

Yes, once all 10k BCH Gurus have been released, we aim to have the full collection viewable for every collector. Each collector can use our built-in collection viewer to see their own collection. Overall trait data for the entire 10k collection can be seen in the Guru & Furu Science section.

Security: How can I check I have the right BCH Guru collection and not a scam impersonation project?

The BCH Guru has a tokenID. All our 10k Gurus have this ID. If your NFT does not have this tokenID, it is not part of the original BCH Guru NFT series.

Official BCH Guru NFT TokenID: f54ce0297a4017cc922aacde5f7abe7a8397a1058b879f5eb9e2a643d4ec2301

Security: How can you prove there will only be 10k minted Guru tokens?

The minting token for the TokenID above has been officially burnt, meaning no further tokens for this TokenID series can ever be made. Here is the proof of the mint token being burnt.

Security: What is the official TokenID of the Furu token?

Official Furu TokenID: d9ab24ed15a7846cc3d9e004aa5cb976860f13dac1ead05784ee4f4622af96ea