Furunomics: Introducing the FURU Token and Airdrop!

The FURU Token is a new fungible CashToken, created on Bitcoin Cash. FURU token holders will have exclusive access to the BCH Guru Price Prediction Game during the beta period (as only they will be able to participate in predicting prices and playing the game in this beta period).

After the full production release of the BCH Guru Price Prediction Game, both Bitcoin Cash holders and FURU token holders will be elegible to place price predictions on the platform. Unlike BCH, FURU predictions will not be subject to any platform fees so will work as a free-play token on the platform.

FURU tokens are airdropped exclusively to BCH Guru NFT holders only, there will be no other direct way to obtain FURU tokens (unless FURU token holders themselves actively trade them).

How to acquire FURU Tokens?

BCH Guru NFT Holders will be elegible to qualify for the FURU airdrop, with one NFT qualifying for 10,000 FURU tokens. However, there is also an exciting bonus possibility! Collectors of BCH Gurus that are holding their NFTs in the same wallet address can also qualify for different multiplier bonuses, depending on the strength of their GURU collection. Therefore a strong collection will earn a multiplier, thus receiving more than 10,000 FURU tokens per GURU NFT.

Two collection snapshots will take place to analyse the BCH GURU NFT collections and subsequently, Furu are airdropped to Guru NFT holders. The first snapshot was on November 2nd 2023 after the completion of wave 2, the second snapshot will take place after all Guru NFTs are released into circulation in 2024.

What makes the FURU Token special?

The FURU tokens, asides from being exclusively airdropped to BCH Guru NFT holders, have a number of unique features:

  • Fixed supply (After the final airdrop, any remaining FURU tokens in the treasury will be burnt).
  • No centralised ownership of the tokens, after distribution, all FURU tokens will be owned by the community.
  • Exclusive access to play the game during the beta period.
  • Freeplay: After production release of BCH Guru, there will be no fees for playing with FURU tokens, whereas playing with Bitcoin Cash (real play) will incur fees.
  • FURU Tokens may or may not develop value in secondary marketplaces.

How are the FURU Tokens airdrops calculated?

The following describes the algorithm to calculate the amount of FURU tokens distributed to each BCH Guru NFT collection. The multiplier only applies to the first 200 NFTs in a collection. Any additional NFTs in such a specific collection will receive only the baserate multiplier.

Total number of NFTs in the collectionx10,000 (BASERATE)
Multiplier applicable to first 200 Guru NFTs in each collection:
Completed collections
Completed crystal ball colour collection1.06
Completed background type collection1.01
Completed OG Guru collection1.03
Completed Gurus on adventure collection1.03
Completed Guru Geek Club collection1.04
Completed The Guru Fellowship collection1.07
Completed Darkside Gurus collection1.07
Completed Mythical Gurus collection1.08
Completed Blockchain Backgrounds collection1.1
Completed Song 1 collection1.2
Completed Song 2 collection1.2
Individual Guru multipliers
No. of unique assets (Max 12)1(+0.02 per unique asset)
(Max = 1.24)
No. of matching Gurus (Max 10)1(+0.05 per matching Guru)
(Max = 1.5)
No. of jewelry items (Max 25)1(+0.01 per jewelry item)
(Max = 1.25)
No. of Gurus with lyrics (Max 10)1(+0.05 per lyric)
(Max = 1.5)
Theoretical maximal multiplier achievable per GURU NFT: 80685

Note: The total multiplier is first rounded to a whole number before being multiplied with the number of gurus in the collection.


What value will the FURU tokens have and why are they called FURU tokens?

FURU tokens are distributed with zero monetary value and are designed as Free Play access tokens to BCH Guru NFT holders. However, their value on secondary marketplaces will be determined by supply and demand of the community. The term "FURU" signifies the "freeplay" or "fakeplay" token, while the true gameplay token will be Bitcoin Cash.

What is the maximum supply of FURU tokens?

The first airdrop on 2nd November 2023 released 119,328,542 Furu tokens into the circulating supply. The second airdrop theoretically could release a further 806,850,000 FURU tokens into the circulation (if every Guru qualified for the maximum x80685 multiplier). However, this figure is extremely unlikley, and the final supply of Furu tokens is estimated to be somewhere between 400-600 million tokens.

How many airdrops will there be and why are there two airdrops?

There will be two airdrops. The first airdrop occurred on November 2nd 2023, and second one is currently scheduled at the end of wave 5. It is anticipated, the beta launch of the price prediction application will be in Q4 2023, thus the first airdrop allows users the access tokens for the beta period, while the second airdrop ensures new NFT collectors can obtain FURU tokens before the full production release and have freeplay access.

Do I receive the airdrop if my Guru NFT is listed on a marketplace like TapSwap?

Yes, currently the wallet that listed the NFT on TapSwap will receive a Furu airdrio for that NFT. However, this will be given at the 10k Furu token baserate, and the NFT listed on TapSwap will not qualify for any associated multiplier that particular NFT might add to a given collection. We highly recommend you optimize your Guru collection at the time of any snapshot to ensure you receive the maximal multiplier, meaning the NFTs are in your colletion and not on TapSwap at the time.

What happens to any remaining FURU tokens after the second airdrop and why does it say 1 billion supply?

1 Billion Furu tokens were initially minted, to ensure there was enough supply to airdrop Furu tokens for the two airdrops. Given the unique game theory and multiplier of furunomics, it is impossbly to calculate what the exact airdrop distribution will be in advance. Therefore, in order to cover all possibilities, 1 billion tokens were created. After the first airdrop, the remaining tokens have been marked as reserved supply, and set aside specifically for the second airdrop. After the second airdrop, any remaining FURU tokens in the treasury will be burnt, creating a final fixed supply and fair distribution to all NFT holders. All FURU tokens will go to Guru NFT holders, and there will be no residual FURU tokens held by the project.

Why do only the first 200 NFTs in each collection get the multiplier?

By limiting the multiplier to the first 200 NFTs in an individual collection, it prevents a centralised collection from dominating the FURU token supply by having a large number of NFTs achieving the maximal multiplier compared to other collectors.

If you have more than 200 NFTs, it is recommended you start a second collection and configure your collections to achieve the best multiplier across both collections.

So playing with Furu Tokens will have no game fees, but BCH (real play) will have game fees?

Correct, FURU tokens will always have free play. That doesn't mean to say the FURU tokens will have no value, that will be up to the market to decide. Playing with BCH will have additional perks and benefits for users but also associated game fees.

Will the BCH Guru provide liquidity for the FURU Tokens in the marketplace?

BCH Guru will not provide liquidity on the marketplace. However, other FURU token holders may choose to trade their tokens and provide their own liquidity should they wish.

Will there be any other use cases for BCH GURU NFTs after the second airdrop?

It is highly anticipated that there will be further use-cases for the BCH Guru NFTs within the game ecosystem, including dividends - where BCH Guru NFT holders receive a share of the Bitcoin Cash (but not Furu token) game volume. Further details about the dividends for BCH Guru NFT holders has not been fully released yet.

Security: What is the official TokenID of the Furu token?

Official Furu TokenID: d9ab24ed15a7846cc3d9e004aa5cb976860f13dac1ead05784ee4f4622af96ea