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GURU Collection Overview
  • Total Gurus

  • Lowest Guru number

  • Assets included

  • Crystal ball colours

  • Total Jewelry Items

  • Total Song Lyrics Info

  • Special Collections Completed

  • Matching Gurus Info

  • FURU TOKEN Airdrop multiplier Info See the multiplier table

  • Predicted FURU Tokens for second airdrop Info The first airdrop was completed 2 Nov 2023. The second airdrop is scheduled after wave 5.
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Special Guru Collections
  • Background types Info Burst background
    Gradient background
    Scene background

  • OG Gurus Info OG Blue Guru
    OG Green Guru
    OG Yellow Guru

  • Gurus on adventure Info Astronaut Guru
    Diving Guru
    Explorer Guru

  • Guru Geek Club Info Business Guru
    Graduating Guru
    School Kid Guru
    Science Guru

  • The Guru Fellowship Info Boxing Guru
    Cowboy Guru
    Karate Guru
    Police Guru
    Soldier Guru
    Street Guru
    Super Guru

  • Dark Side Gurus Info Clown Guru
    Devil Guru
    Jailbird Guru
    Pirate Guru
    Reaper Guru
    Ninja Guru
    Wizard Guru

  • Mythical Gurus Info Angel Guru
    Bunny Guru
    Devil Guru
    Elf Guru
    Reaper Guru
    Santa Guru
    Super Guru
    Wizard Guru

  • Blockchain Backgrounds Info Army Camp Scene
    Boxing Ring Scene
    Construction Site Scene
    Football Pitch Scene
    Graffiti Scene
    Guru Lab Scene
    Jail Cell Scene
    Police Station Scene
    School Scene

  • Song 1: Its The BCH Guru Info 1 Exposing The Furus
    2 Stick To Your Prediction
    3 Get Going Fast
    4 UTXO
    5 First Of Its Kind
    6 Play Your Hand
    7 They Flakes
    8 Grind For Cash
    9 For Coins
    10 To The Moon


  • Song 2: FURU Info 1 Liars
    2 Truth
    3 Fire Burning
    4 No Secrets
    5 Keeping Receipts
    6 All You Need
    7 Lead Straight
    8 Eyes On The Grass
    9 We Ain't Silly
    10 Best Yet