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How many Guru NFT holders are there?

Who has the most BCH Guru NFTs?

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Trait Data!

The following data represents all 10,000 BCH Gurus in the collection.

How common is each asset?

There are 12 assets, with Bitcoin Cash being the most common.

What about the crystal ball colors?

The Guru Fight Oracle is exclusive to the boxer Guru.

Are some Gurus rarer than others?

All Gurus had an equal chance of being minted.

What are the three background types?

Are some backgrounds rarer than others?

All backgrounds had an equal chance of being minted.

Are Guru skin tones equal?

All tones had an equal chance of being minted.

Glasses or no glasses?

Some Gurus like to wear glasses!

What's on the Guru's head?

The Guru likes all hairstyles and headgear!

How many Gurus have jewelry?

Jewelry can be present on the left ear, right ear, left wrist or right wrist. The pie chart below shows the chance of a Guru having one or more jewelry pieces.

How many Gurus are rapping?

The BCH Guru raps two songs: It's The BCH Guru and FURU. Only Gurus holding BCH assets can rap.

How rare is each song lyric?

Represents the number of times a specific lyric is in the collection.

How many Gurus with matching traits are there?

All Gurus had a chance of finding a matching trait. Finding one match indicates an awakened Guru. Finding two matches indicates an enlightened Guru. No Guru has 3 or more matches.

Total 600 20
Angel Guru Info Background: Hearts Burst
Head: Halo
18 0
Astronaut Guru Info Background: Moon Scene
Head: Astronaut Helmet
18 0
Boxing Guru Info Background: Boxing Ring Scene
Head: Boxing Helmet
8 0
Builder Guru Info Background: Construction Site Scene
Head: Hard Hat
12 0
Bunny Guru Info Background: Easter Egg Scene
Head: Bunny Ears
Glasses: Pink Shades
11 1
Business Guru Info Background: City Scene
Glasses: Work Spectacles
14 1
Casual Guru Info Head: Beanie Hat
Mouth: Bubblegum
24 1
Caveman Guru Info Background: Cave Scene
4 0
Chef Guru Info Background: Kitchen Scene
Head: Chefs Hat
17 1
Chinese Guru Info Background: Dragon Bridge Scene
Head: Gua Pi Mao Hat
Mouth: Fu Manchu Moustache
24 1
Clown Guru Info Background: Circus Scene
Head: Clown Hair
12 0
Cold Guru Info Background: Snow Scene
Head: Trapper Hat
Mouth: Cold Air
22 1
Cowboy Guru Info Background: Wild West Scene
Head: Cowboy Hat
Mouth: Chewing Straw
21 1
Dancing Guru Info Background: Dance Floor Scene
10 0
Devil Guru Info Background: Furu Fire Gradient
Head: Devil Horns
10 0
Diving Guru Info Background: Underwater Scene
Head: Swimming Cap
Glasses: Snorkelling Mask
Mouth: Snorkelling Mouthpiece
22 2
Elf Guru Info Background: Forest Scene
Head: Tyrolean Hat
18 0
Explorer Guru Info Background: Jungle Scene
Head: Explorer Hat
11 0
Football Guru Info Background: Football Pitch Scene
6 0
Graduating Guru Info Head: Graduation Cap
5 0
Jailbird Guru Info Background: Jail Cell Scene
Eyes: Bandit Eyes
28 0
Karate Guru Info Background: Mountain Top Scene
9 0
Naked Guru Info Head: Bald
3 0
Ninja Guru Info Background: Rooftop Scene
Head: Ninja Hat
Eyes: Scarred Eye
Mouth: Ninja Mask
44 3
OG Blue Guru Info Background: Peppermint Burst
Head: OG Guru Blue Turban
17 1
OG Green Guru Info Background: Lime Burst
Head: OG Guru Green Turban
11 2
OG Yellow Guru Info Background: Golden Burst
Head: OG Guru Yellow Turban
12 0
Pirate Guru Info Background: Ship Scene
Head: Pirate Hat
Eyes: Eye Patch Left
Eyes: Eye Patch Right
23 2
Police Guru Info Background: Police Station Scene
Head: Police Cap
13 0
Reaper Guru Info Background: Graveyard Scene
Head: Skull Mask
13 0
Royal Guru Info Head: Crown
Glasses: Golden Glasses
8 0
Santa Guru Info Background: North Pole Scene
Head: Santa Hat
22 0
School Kid Guru Info Background: School Scene
Head: School Cap
7 0
Scientist Guru Info Background: Guru Lab Scene
Glasses: Goggles
11 0
Soldier Guru Info Background: Army Camp Scene
Head: Army Helmet
17 1
Street Guru Info Background: Graffiti Scene
Head: Snapback
Glasses: Thug Life Glasses
Mouth: Smoking Joint
25 2
Super Guru Info Eyes: Laser Eyes
28 0
Toga Guru Info Head: Wreath
9 0
Wizard Guru Info Background: Witches Den Scene
Head: Wizard Hat
13 0